Transnational Meetings for Coordinators

The second transnational meeting will take playe in Warsaw, Poland, from 17. September to 22.September 2018.

We are all looking forward to seeing each other and working together!


The first transnational project meeting took place in Tarsus, Turkey, from 27. November to 01. December 2018. The six nations came together with two to three teachers from each school to get to know each other and to make arrangements for the trips to come with students.

In Tarsus, we did some sightseeing and worked on our programme related to the goals of the application:

Tuesday, 28. November 2017

  • Meeting at school
  • Ice-Breaker Activity ( Hasan Durmaz organized an ice-breaker game in order to let the teachers get to know each other better )
  • Presentation of the Project (project coordinator Altamira Alicia Lopez Gallego introduced the general presentation about the project related to their National Agency)
  • Google-Class Workshop (Tarsus AKBAL mathmatics teacher Yüksel Yılmaz gave a speech about Google-Class activities that they have done so far in their school)
  • Chosing the project mascot. (The teachers voted to choose the mascot among the nominess prepared by Turkey, Spain , Greece and Poland. Polish nominee was chosen the official mascot getting 5 votes: We are proudly presenting WOBI


  • Tarsus City Tour (We visited Taşkuyu Cave, St. Paul Well, Cleopatra Gate, Old Tarsus Houses and Ulucami and Kırkkaşık Bedesten )

Wednesday, 29. November 2017

Visit to Cappadocia (Cappadocia, which is in UNESCO world heritage list, is one of the most famous and mostly visited touristic and cultural ares in Turkey with its natural and historical beauties.

We visited Kaymaklı underground city.

Then we visited Güvercinlik – a good place to see the geographic structures of fairy chimneys. And then we went on to a clayworks workshop. Afterwards we visited the fairy chimneys in Ürgüp.

Thursday, 30.November 2017

  • Meeting at school
  • A presentation of Utopia School, the results of the project questionnaires, informative videos, responsibilities of each country and the tasks that we have to prepare until September 2018,

It has been decided that

Germany will prepare the website and each country will be responsible to update it,

Germany will prepare the living page until 6th of January and it will in the form of a forum.

Greece will prepare an e-project newspaper and it will be published every 6 months

The partners who haven’t prepared Utopia School, informative videos will prepare them until 6th of January

Our students will have a critical thinking exam

Our twinspace will be updated regulary by each partner

The missing parts on twinspace will be completed until 15th January

„What if“: each partner will choose a fairy tale and lets little children finish the story in a different end

a 3D-animation of our mascot and 3D- Utopia school will be prepared by Czech team

In January 2018, we will have our students‘  ideas on a daily life situation on our living page

In February 2018, we will have our students share their ideas on …………………… via our living page

Our students will create a more honest trade mark of a product after meeting in Czechia

Our students will compare their own schools with the Utopia School and share the results on the living page

We will have Google Class activity on „1984“ by George Orwell with students before the meeting in GermanyCircle Picture Transnational meeting